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“LinkedIn is the ideal platform for B2B marketing, offering unparalleled access to a professional audience, advanced targeting options, and high engagement rates, making it a powerful tool for building brand credibility and generating leads.”

We specialize in crafting impactful B2B marketing campaigns on LinkedIn, driving lead and sales generation for businesses worldwide.

b2b LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns

Free pdf DownloadB2B marketing campaigns on – get compact free insights and tactics!

Why a full-service makes sense

Steps to start your successful campaigns

As a specialist in LinkedIn marketing campaigns, we help with the whole marketing process from A-Z.

Pimp your profile

We provide you with a cheat sheet to pimp your profile on LinkedIn for maximum connection rates.

Target audience

We determine and then research the ideal target audience for your marketing campaign(s) according to more than 30 criteria and individual keywords.

Message campaigning

We design safe a three-step, multi-step communication strategy with profile visits, endorsements, content likes and of course connection request, 1st and 2nd follow-up.

Lead reports & export

Reports of all campaign steps and export “hot” leads (e.g.) for interation in your CRM.

Why we take LinkedIn campaigns to the next level.

Select prospecting companies and members according to several criteria and individual keywords.
Highest acceptance rates of requests through personalization of messages with max. 12 variables.
Maximum response rates through combining a 3-step communication with profile views, skill endorsments, content likes as well as individual delays in each step.
Safe and individual campaign speed according to account activity, account age, number of contacts, etc.
Individual optical flow design for each campaign
Individual tips to pimp LinkedIn profile
Extensive reporting and hot leads export for individual follow-ups
Fair and transparent pricing model!

Free pdf DownloadB2B marketing campaigns on – get compact free insights and tactics!

Why LinkedIn contact campaigns are more effectivesustainablecost effective

This table illustrates why B2B marketing campaigns that focus on individual contacts and connections is more effective than using LinkedIn ads, especially in terms of personalization, targeting, relationship building, and long-term cost efficiency.

Advantages of contact marketing campaigns

Personalized Interaction: Direct contact allows for personalized messages tailored to each individual, enhancing engagement and relationship building.
Targeted Outreach: You can specifically target individuals based on detailed criteria, ensuring your message reaches the most relevant audience.
Higher Conversion Rates: Personalized, targeted messages tend to have higher conversion rates as they resonate more with the recipient.
Building Relationships: Direct contact helps in building long-term business relationships, which can be beneficial for future collaborations.
Direct Feedback and Interaction: Immediate and direct responses allow for better understanding of the market and swift adjustments to strategies.
Cost-Effective in the Long Run: Though initially resource-intensive, direct contact can be more cost-effective over time due to more lasting connections.
Measurable Outcomes: Each contact’s response can be tracked and measured for effectiveness, providing clear insights into the campaign’s success.

Disadvantages of LinkedIn ad marketing campaigns

Less Personalization: Ads on LinkedIn are less personalized, which might result in lower engagement rates as.
Broader Targeting: While LinkedIn ads offer targeting, they are generally broader, which might lead to reaching less relevant audiences.
Lower Conversion Rates: Ads often have lower conversion rates due to their less personal nature and broader targeting.
Impersonal Approach: Ads are seen as more impersonal, which may not contribute significantly to building long-lasting business relationships.
Limited Interaction: Interaction with ads is limited to views, clicks, or likes, offering less insightful feedback compared to direct communication.
Continuous Costs: Running LinkedIn ads is a continuous expense without the guarantee of long-term business relationships or high ROI.
Generalized Analytics: While LinkedIn ads provide analytics, they are often more generalized and less detailed compared to individual contact analytics.
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