Why is my personal profile used for the marketing campaigns?

The LinkedIn marketing campaigns utilize the personal profile of the client to execute strategies. This approach has several advantages:

  • Personal Touch: Using an individual’s profile adds a personal touch to the campaign, making it more relatable and trustworthy to the audience.
  • Credibility: A personal profile, especially one with a strong professional history and endorsements, can lend credibility to the campaign, which is crucial in B2B interactions.
  • Network Leverage: Clients can leverage their existing connections for broader organic reach, as content shared through personal profiles is more likely to appear in the feeds of their connections.
  • Authentic Engagement: Interactions from a personal profile often feel more genuine compared to a company page, encouraging more engagement from the audience.
  • Customized Connection: Personal profiles allow for more personalized engagement strategies, which can lead to stronger connections and more meaningful interactions.
  • Showcasing Expertise: Through an optimized profile, clients can highlight their accomplishments, endorsements, and recommendations, which bolster their authority in the industry.
  • Tailored Messaging: Personal profiles allow for more nuanced and targeted messaging, which can be tailored to address the specific needs and interests of the connections.
  • Alignment with Target Audience: Optimization includes tailoring the profile to speak directly to the target audience, using industry-specific keywords and language that resonates with peers and potential clients.
  • Professional Branding: It showcases the client as a thought leader in their industry, enhancing their professional brand and the brand of the company they represent.

Also, there are long-lasting effects of a marketing campaign through your profile, that even if the campaign has not been too successful, advantages remain: When a campaign is personalized, connections are more likely to remember and value the interaction. This enduring network effect can lead to:

  • Sustained Engagement: As the relationship grows, connections are more inclined to follow the client’s updates, leading to ongoing engagement beyond the initial campaign.
  • Word-of-Mouth Promotion: Personal connections made through these campaigns can become brand advocates, spreading the word within their own networks and amplifying the campaign’s reach.
  • Repeat Business Opportunities: A strong personal connection increases the likelihood of repeat business, as clients prefer to work with individuals they know and trust.
  • Referrals: Happy connections are more likely to refer the client to others, expanding their network and potential customer base organically.

In essence, marketing through a personal profile not only helps in achieving immediate campaign goals but also plants the seeds for a thriving professional network that can yield benefits well into the future.

What are the steps of our LinkedIn marketing campaigns?

  1. Optimize Client’s Personal LinkedIn Profile with Cheat Sheet: We provide the client with a free personalized cheat sheet that outlines key optimization strategies for their LinkedIn profile. This includes tips on how to enhance profile picture, banner, summary, and experience sections, as well as how to effectively integrate industry-specific keywords.
  2. Clarify Campaign Goals: Engage with the client to ascertain their specific objectives for the LinkedIn marketing campaign, such as increasing their network with quality connections, driving sales, or positioning themselves as industry leaders.
  3. Define Target Audience: Segment companies and contacts on criteria such as job roles, industries, company size, and location, alongside relevant keywords that the target demographic is likely to use or respond to.
  4. Determine Contact Sequence:
    • Contact Request: Send out personalized connection requests that resonate with the target audience, avoiding a sales pitch in the initial interaction.
    • First Follow-Up: Once a connection is made, send a follow-up message that thanks the individual for connecting and offers valuable insights or resources.
    • Second Follow-Up: Continue the dialogue with a second follow-up that includes a clear call-to-action, such as an invitation to a relevant event or a prompt to engage with content that benefits them.
    • Interactive elements: Between contacts, cleverly generate profile views, confirmations of knowledge or liking content to show genuine interest to the contact
    • Include delays: The pauses between contact requests and also interactive elements is important in order not to overstress the user.
  5. Determine Ideal Contact Times and Gaps:
    • Strategize the timing of messages and follow-ups to coincide with peak activity periods of the target audience on LinkedIn.
    • Plan the intervals between contacts to be considerate of the audience’s time and to avoid message fatigue.
  6. Lead Reporting:
    • All Leads: Systematically document all leads generated, keeping track of their journey through the marketing funnel.
    • Hot Leads: Pay special attention to hot leads—those who have shown a high level of interest or have engaged significantly with the content—and earmark them for direct follow-up by the client or sales team.

By starting with a cheat sheet to guide the optimization of the client’s LinkedIn profile, the campaign can hit the ground running, building on a solid foundation to effectively attract and engage the targeted professional audience.

What are selection criteria for target audience research?

We can sement your target audience through targetting companies and contacts according to diverse criteria:

Filter and keyword selection criteria can be very details, which does not mean, it makes always sense to use a lot of them. Usually, a combination of keywords + 1-3 selection criteria is recommended.

  • Keywords: Filters LinkedIn profiles containing specific words or phrases, a combination is always possible​​.
  • Company-Related Filters:
    • Current Company: Filters leads based on their current employer​​.
    • Company Headcount: Filters companies by their size or headcount​​.
    • Company Type: Filters based on the type of company (e.g., public, private, non-profit)​​.
    • Company Headquarters: Filters companies based on their headquarters location​​.
  • Role-Related Filters:
    • Function: Filters leads based on the department they work in​​.
    • Current Job Title: Targets leads based on their current job title​​.
    • Seniority Level: Filters leads based on their management level in the current company​​.
  • Personal Filters:
    • Years in Current Company/Position: Filters leads based on tenure at their current company or position​​.
    • First Name/Last Name: Filters leads by their first or last name​​.
    • Profile Language: Filters leads based on the language of their LinkedIn account​​.
    • Years of Experience: Filters leads based on their total years of professional experience​​.
  • Geographic Filters: Filters leads by continent, country, region, city, and postal code​​.
  • Groups and Industry Filters:
    • Groups: Filters leads based on membership in specific LinkedIn groups​​.
    • Industry: Filters leads based on industry classification​​.
    • School: Filters leads based on the educational institutions they attended​​.
  • Content-Related Filters: Filters leads based on keywords in their articles or posts​​.
  • Buyer Intent Filters:
    • Following Your Company: Filters leads who follow your company on LinkedIn​​.
    • Viewed Your Profile Recently: Targets leads who have recently viewed your LinkedIn profile​​.
  • Network and Experience Filters:
    • Connection Level: Filters leads based on their connection degree with you on LinkedIn​​.
    • Connections Of: Targets the connections of a specific LinkedIn user​​.
    • Past Colleague: Filters leads who have worked with you in the past​​.
    • Shared Experiences: Finds leads who share common experiences or groups with you​​.

How is the security of my LinkedIn account ensured?

The security of your LinkedIn account is a top priority for us. To ensure this, we take the following measures:

Compliance with LinkedIn policies: We pay strict attention to compliance with all LinkedIn terms of use and policies. This includes limiting the number of requests and messages, which not only reduces the risk of being labeled as spam, but also increases the quality of contacts according to LinkedIn standards.

Gradual increase in activity taking into account specific account factors: A gradual increase in contacts and interactions meets LinkedIn’s criteria for organic growth and protects your account from restrictions. Here we pay individual attention to:

  • Number of connections: Adjusting the number of daily contacts and interactions to optimize the speed of your campaigns and minimize the risk of account suspension.
  • Account type (premium/free): Optimizing the contact rate based on your account type, with premium accounts allowing for faster expansion and free accounts requiring a more cautious approach.
  • Account age: Taking into account the age of your LinkedIn account when determining campaign speed, with older accounts typically activating faster.
  • Previous activity: adjusting campaign activity based on your previous behavior and activity on LinkedIn to encourage consistent and authentic growth.
  • Monitoring engagement rates: We regularly analyze engagement on your account, including responses and interactions to your posts. This helps to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of your content, which is crucial for high account performance on LinkedIn.

Adapting to LinkedIn algorithm updates: LinkedIn regularly updates its algorithms. We adjust our strategies accordingly to ensure your account is always in line with the latest best practices and achieving optimal results.

How many contacts will be reached in the marketing campaigns?

The number of contacts reached in our marketing campaigns is a direct result of precise market segmentation using the diverse filter criteria. Due to LinkedIn’s limitations, which allow for only 25 new contacts per day, we recommend and facilitate a maximum outreach of 500 contacts per month through our service. Depending on the total number of contacts that align with your segmentation criteria, campaigns can span from one month to several months to ensure a strategic and compliant approach to networking. You as a client decide how many contacts you want in your campaign.

The gradual and slow ramp-up of contact initiation in LinkedIn marketing campaigns, starting with about 5-10 contacts in the first week, is crucial for several reasons:

  • Avoiding Spam Flags: A sudden increase in the number of contacts can be perceived as spam by LinkedIn. This might lead to your account being restricted or even banned. A slow start helps to avoid such issues.
  • Building Credibility: LinkedIn places high value on credibility and organic growth. A gradual increase in activity signals natural growth and behavior, which strengthens the credibility of your account.
  • Adapting to Account Capacity: Different accounts have different contact limits. A slow start allows you to understand and respect the limits of your account (depending on factors like account type and age) without taking risks.

What are the cost for the LinkedIn marketing campaign service?

Our LinkedIn marketing campaign service offers a transparent pricing model of 1,50 Euros per contact, with a minimum commitment of 1000 contacts for a starting price of 3000 Euros, serving as the campaign’s starter package.

For instance, if you plan a campaign for 2350 contacts, this would amount to 5025 Euros in total:

  • The first 1000 contacts, part of the campaign’s starter package, cost 3000 Euros.
  • The remaining 1350 contacts are billed at the standard rate of 1,50 Euros per contact, which equals 2025 Euros.

This total cost includes all aspects of the campaign: planning, researching all contacts, a custom cheat sheet for optimizing your LinkedIn profile, timed contacting with up to three follow-ups per contact, and detailed reporting.

Can I flexibly cancel my marketing campaign?

Yes, our service provides maximum flexibility and control over your LinkedIn marketing campaign. We understand that business conditions can change, so we offer the option for our clients to adjust or cancel their campaign at any time. This means you can cancel your contract even in the middle of a campaign.

However, please note that the initial starter package of 1000 contacts for 3000 Euros serves as the minimum purchase. In case of cancellation, billing is adjusted up to the next 1000 contacts. This reflects the fact that ongoing campaigns and their automations need some time to be stopped and therefore cannot be halted immediately.

For example, if a client originally booked a campaign for 5000 contacts but decides to cancel after 3650 successfully contacted LinkedIn memberes, they will be billed for 4000 contacts, as billing rounds up to the next 1000 contacts. The remaining 350 individuals, who have not yet been contacted, will still be reached out to as part of the ongoing campaign to fulfill the agreed services before the contract is finally terminated.

When do I get a reporting?

You will receive a detailed report every week throughout the duration of your LinkedIn marketing campaign. This weekly report will provide insights into several key metrics:

  • Number of Clients Contacted: A count of how many new contacts have been reached out to during the week.
  • Success Rate of First Contact Requests: The percentage of your first contact requests that were accepted.
  • Success Rate of Second Follow-Up Responses: The percentage of contacts who responded positively to the second follow-up message.
  • Success Rate of Third Follow-Up Responses: The percentage of contacts who engaged with the third follow-up message.

In addition to these weekly updates, hot leads — individuals who have shown a strong interest in your product or service — will be reported on an ongoing basis. This ensures that you are promptly informed of potential opportunities as they arise, allowing for timely and strategic follow-ups

Can I import the hot leads into my CRM?

Yes, you can certainly import the ‘hot’ leads into your CRM. We provide the contact details of these leads in a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format, which is compatible with virtually any CRM system available on the market. This format allows for easy and seamless integration of the data into your CRM, enabling you to efficiently manage and follow up with these valuable leads within your existing sales process and tools.

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